is anyone here an avid user of cherubplay?

cause i really want to start using it but i have no idea where to even start so like, i dont want to just go into it blind and have someone yelling at me for not knowing what to do because that would probably happen.

so if any of you guys know how to use it could you tell me?

Not sure if anyone replied to this or not but I’ll help just in case!

I use cherubplay regularly and let me tell you, you definitely will learn in time.

Now, you have two ways to start with it. You can make your own prompt or you can reply to a prompt already up. I’m sure you can find your way around the page so I won’t go too far into that.

Now, for making your own prompt. What I would suggest you doing is putting OOC on the top, before the prompt, stating any touchy subjects, triggers in the prompt or future of the rp, who you are looking for, maybe what direction you want the rp to go to, that sort of thing. Also, I would suggest you specify if you want it to be SFW, eventual NSFW, straight up NSFW, ect. etc. Then, add the prompt.

Prompts can really be any length, depending on how much you are comfortable with and how much you want for a reply, but it is all in paragraph form as it is a “roleplaying site designed for paragraph style roleplay.”

Then just make sure you have the color set for who you are playing as in the prompt as well as setting what category it needs to be in with the drop down menu. Post it and then wait. Make sure you keep that page up, when you exit out of that page then your prompt will be taken down.

If you want to answer someones prompt, ie reply to it, then make sure to read it through first. See if they have any character restrictions or anything like that. Then normal roleplaying from there, don’t be a jerk, don’t god-mod, and the likes.

Really, if you have any other questions feel free to hmu and I’ll help as best I could. I hope I explained well enough and I hope everything goes well for you!

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I want to give a big thank you to whoever has the Captain America prompt up in the crossover section of Cherubplay. Thank you for putting spaces so you didn’t actually see the prompt without clicking on it because oh boy I haven’t seen the new movie yet and if I saw the prompt then I would have been tempted to read it and I don’t want spoilers

so wowie thank you! I hope you get many good rp’s

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That moment when you are super excited about a roleplay that’s been going on for hours and hours and you still haven’t lost interest because your partner is amazing

and then you find out they are just as excited as you


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An amazing Cronus connected to my contortionist Mituna prompt and if you are reading this I love you, this is perfect and I’m so excited.

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Guess who has their contortionist Mituna prompt back up finally, but only for a short time tonight? mE

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