It’s my 16th birthday and you know what I’m doing? Writing prompts for Cherubplay
Oh yeah

Another update??? Yessss

I’m surprised people are approaching me about CroTuna in a good way
Last time I mentioned liking the ship, especially red, I got sent tons of hate for the ship being “canonly abusive” and me being “disgusting” and “wrong” just for the very act of liking the ship

DID I SEE YOUR OTP IS CROTUNA (pls say yesplsssss) I mean *cough*


I think we all have that one prompt that doesn’t get taken for days on end but also have one that gets taken multiple times a day if put up

ah, i'm not really interested in any of those themes. (plus also i really like smut? idk it's one of the few areas where i enjoy cuddling and cuteness and overall bonding bc that's what it is imo, a bonding experience) i'll scoot over somewhere else for crotuna uwu
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That’s okay friendo, I hope you find the lovely crotuna things you like doing

I’m just not into the whole smut scene but hey, to each their own

ahhh yes okay hello friend what sorts of things do you like to rp
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I always love a good dose of sadstuck with my morning comfort
okay okay let me see. In no order these are the themes i like to rp

  • sadstuck
  • angst (not necessarily sadstuck)
  • comfort (sorta goes with angst?)
  • general fluffiness (and playful teasing)
  • idk a lot of stuff

One thing I don’t do is smut, sad I know, but other then that I’m super open to themes and such.

three days late but frick yeah crotuna (too bad i can only do cronus whoops i'm practicing but mituna is just?? difficult for me for some reason)
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Hello you beautiful crotuna loving soul you
Guess what
I can’t play cronus
I mainly play mituna

>Sees the Bo Burnham based prompt
>Sighs happily into the distance
I wish you well in your roleplay endeavors, if I had the courage to take other prompts I would but sadly I can’t.
I love Bo Burnham tho

Keep an eye out for updates because I keep adding more-I wanna edit my contortionist Mituna prompt but now I’m thinking of circus’ again and

Fire-breather/Sword-swallower Bro
Beast tamer Tavros
Strong man Equius
Escape artist Sollux
Clown/Juggler/Unicyclist Gamzee
Aerial silk acrobat Vriska
Tightrope walker/dancer Terezi
Russain bar flyer Roxy
Wheel gymnast Nepeta

Globe of death rider Cronus
Wheel of death jumper(?)Latula

Hat manipulator Dad (it’s a real thing)
Hand walking Karkat

Hair hanger Feferi