I.. am very confused rn
Someone just connected on my prompt to ask if it was based off of “Push” (which I haven’t even heard of until now ??) even though I said at the beginning the idea was my own. I even drew my own references and everything. Sure the idea might be a bit cliche at parts but

and they disconnected and I’m just


Were you going to ask me to move it to crossover if it was based on the movie?
Were you only interested if it was based on the movie? >:?

Song based prompt ideas

Disclaimer: Not all the ideas are based off on 100% of the song or are accurate, they are just what came to mind when looking at and listening to the song.
It goes like this “Song by Artist - (NSFW/SFW) Idea

Ideas below the cut.

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Dunno how well the tag is doing as I don’t track it anymore but thought I’d share this

I have an amazing teen Hal/alpha!dave rn. They are super nice ooc and we even worked out a situation where my Bro falls for their alpha!dave but since its set in a world of mythical creatures their two species are at war and ohgod. Bro cares for Hal like a child/sibling and loves alpha!dave and ohmygoodness

More headcanons I love

Super flexible Mituna (coughcontortionist)
Muslim Rose who wears a hijab
Jake who needs/uses hearing aids (!!!)
Jade with loves her dark body hair and sometimes goes topless when exploring her island (because heat is an ass)
Tavros decorating his wheelchair for Halloween each year
Gamzee who only wears sweatpants
Ballet dancer Dave (thanks to that one prompt I saw, kudos to you whoever you were)

Hello friends I am here to tell you a thing! Some news and headcanons below the cut!

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do you ever have an amazing idea for a prompt but it wouldn’t work with any of the characters you play/are good at?



Because I think people get confused on this, let me just clarify what goes in Crossover and what doesn’t

Like okay it says anything ending with “-stuck” on the Cherubplay tumblr but that doesn’t clarify much so

What they mean is, if your prompt uses the lore of whatever, like for instance, if your prompt was a Potterstuck prompt (just saying that bc everyone and their mom knows about Harry Potter), and it was set in the universe of Harry Potter and used all the dynamics in it, even if it wasn’t set specifically in Hogwarts, it would be using the lore of Harry Potter and would consequently go into Crossover

Things like Fantasystuck, Demonstuck, Humanstuck, etc., would not go in Crossover because you’re not borrowing from any specific lore. You’re just sort of doing things that everyone can get a grip on without having to read some sort of source material (unless you’re like basing it off a fic but that still goes in not Crossover unless that fic is a Crossover fic)

Crossover is also for characters not from Homestuck, and either non-Homestuck OCs or non-fandom OCs

I hope that cleared things up

Yeah, pretty much this.

On another note, why does this happen

why is it when i think i have an original idea, after posting it i find other prompts with almost the exact same idea

did they take it from me or was it just a coincidence?

the wording isn’t exactly as mine but the idea isn’t something i saw before i made a prompt based off it


So! If anyone wants to check out a very open-ended Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher/Head of Gryffindor House Bro prompt that is set at Hogwarts it’s over in the Crossover section
Thank you to everyone who cleared that up for me!

I’m always kind of nervous about writing/posting any prompts inspired by a movie/book/show/etc because I get so anxious about the categories

ie, I’m pushing myself to finally write a prompt set in Hogwarts but it doesn’t follow the Harry Potter plot or characters at all and doesn’t even include anything other than that general universe of wizardry but since I’m using the name Hogwarts I put it in crossover right?? Or is crossover for when you are looking for/playing as a character from something else in a homestuck universe now?? I’m putting it in crossover just to be safe but I just get so nervous

now that i’m writing it, it sounds silly