Floridastuck au where everything’s the same except everyone’s always mildly damp thanks to the CONSTANT and UNPREDICTABLE rain

When a rp you adore ends


remember that one time someone (off-hand) complimented my prompt in the tag and i squealed into the distance

ah, those were the times

on another note I’ve been researching more into the doom aspect so possibly expect a Mituna prompt in SFW revolving ‘round that stuff.


Non-cis Jake English aus are great

Non-cis Jake English canonverse is better

Wait what?



Now apprently we’re stuffing as many non cis au’s as we possibly can into Jake English now?

And people are creaming themselves over it.

I……i’m confused now.

I think what went down is someone mentioned their non-cis headcanon for Jake, someone saw it and added theirs. Then the chain just continued. I really don’t think it’s “stuffing as many non cis au’s as we possibly can into Jake English now” though.

People like good representation and a lot of people see cis genders as the “default”. I personally can’t help but get excited over non-cis headcanons and au’s because I’m not cis so. I can see what all the fuss is about.


Absolutely not bodyshaming at all, but it would be really cool to get a tavros that isn’t like “Hi I’m a skinny 5’6” noodle person”

Like nothing wrong with that on its own, just a little bit of variety would be nice

Being Human (UK) AU

I adore fancharacters
I love well developed and thought out fancharacters

I.. am very confused rn
Someone just connected on my prompt to ask if it was based off of “Push” (which I haven’t even heard of until now ??) even though I said at the beginning the idea was my own. I even drew my own references and everything. Sure the idea might be a bit cliche at parts but

and they disconnected and I’m just


Were you going to ask me to move it to crossover if it was based on the movie?
Were you only interested if it was based on the movie? >:?